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SOMBEAR gives So Below's "Ruin" the remix treatment [Premiere]

A couple months back we were introduced to New Zealand's Madeline North and the hauntingly beautiful electronic sounds of her project So Below. Her debut self-titled EP and track “Drift” were very well-received with over 1 million plays between Spotify and SoundCloud. Carrying her self-proclaimed goth pop to her more recent single “Ruin,” So Below delivered her most lush and resplendent sound. The single brought a facade of heavy brooding synths that gave the track a form akin to Norwegian electronic masters Röyksopp.

Today we're bringing you a new take on So Below's “Ruin” courtesy of Minneapolis-based producer SOMBEAR. Sticking to the overall ominous intention of the track, SOMBEAR keeps most of the ominous layered synths and processed vocals but plays up the danceable and warm undertones of “Ruin.” It lifts some of the darkness off So Below's original, allowing a little more of a carefree spirit into the track and onto the dancefloor.

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