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Mari proves his moves "Matter" in new video

Chicago's Mari delivers a soulful and funky jam and video with "Matter." Shot by Alan Taverna and animated by Derek Zheng, this video is a joyful romp through his city. Executed in one-take, even if there was no beat, Mari's dancing is enough to get you grooving. "Matter" stitches juking sensibilities and neo-soul threads to make a complete and positive message. Mari self-samples his vocals to give the cut an additional bounce. Mari's flow is untouchable, crisp like the snapping accents of the beat, and controlled when he picks up the pace. Mari aims for the writing brings a positive outlook to the typical street rap narrative. 

About the track, Mari says: "I have these vivid memories of the summer before I left Chicago for college, running from gunshots, not knowing if I was gonna make it to college because the gun violence was that pervasive and close to me. Even while in college, having middle school and high school friends fall victim to gun violence over the past couple years gives me survivor's guilt since I've been gone and on the move since I left. But I also realize I can't dwell on the negatives and I must use my voice and body to put myself in different people's shoes and let my lyrics resonate and my body express in order to reach back and offer solace. This is why "Matter" exists. It's ultimately sending a message of togetherness and thriving. My hope is to convince those who feel defeated that they matter, they can shine and that they're literally stars."

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