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Braden Lee directs grim music video for Corbin's track "Hunker Down"

The opening scene of the video stars Corbin, at the center of a rotating shot in which he is laying in a crashed and fuming car, staring straight into the camera. 19 year-old Corbin, formerly known as Spooky Black from St. Paul, Minnesota, has been touring with D33j and Shlohmo from WEDIDIT collective. Both are producers on Corbin's recently released album Mourn. After the introductory scene in the video, the beginning of the song kicks in. If you’ve never heard "Hunker Down" before, it fits in well with the rest of the tracks on the albuma project filled with unusual story-telling and dark, pensive sadness. He sings about someone who sees their relationship with Corbin as a past memory, while Corbin sees more: a private world that could exist with just the two of them, running away from everything else.

The video continues with cuts of him walking through a graveyard and an expansive forest, shooting guns, holding a pet rat, and standing in front of a blazing fire. The chorus, made up of the repeating words, “I’m going North,” is paired with panning shots of Corbin driving on the road, with grass flying by. Braden Lee says, "This project was a collaborative effort between Corbin and myself... Majority of the film takes place in two different Wisconsin towns not too far from Minneapolis/St. Paul [Corbin's hometown]."

"Hunker Down"doesn’t explicitly focus on how Corbin feels about this unrequited vision of what could-be, but director Braden Lee does a great job of filling in that blank. The video takes the story a step further, including harrowing scenes of Corbin sitting in his car as it slowly fills with concrete— a scene Lee says was "shot within a quarry in a small town where I spent many summers as a kid." Emphasizing Corbin's grief and sorrow is fitting, especially when viewed within the scope of the rest of the tracks on “Mourn.” Take a listen to the full album here.

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