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OYLS dance through the darkness on new single "In The Light"

David Kirshenbaum & Michael Lipp of OYLS see the light on their newest single, crafting indie-electro euphoria on "In The Light." The Los Angeles based duo release "In The Light," their most blissful offering to date which sports a vibrant horn section to accompany its singalong chorus.
OYLS first gained notoriety for the success of their debut single "Maps," which reached #5 on the Spotify Viral charts and has amassed over 1.1 million streams to date. OYLS slowed things down on their second release "10th Song," where the tone is reflective but playful guitar chords and vocals maintain a similar hopefulness to their debut.
The duo emerges from the introspection of "10th Song" on their new offering, where they "dance all through the night" to jovial horn instrumentation. "In The Light" inspires rebirth through the unparalleled connection of a community on the dance floor. Commenting on the lyrics, vocalist and lyricist Lipp explains,

“It’s coming from this place of being in a really cloudy head space and having those weird, in-between moments of clarity. Light is kind of shining the awareness on yourself. Those are the dance moments.”

On November 10th, OYLS is set to perform in their hometown Los Angeles at Moroccan Lounge. Check out their website for more details, and stream their latest release "In The Light" above.

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