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Your new indie obsession OYLS shares "10th Song" [Premiere]

It's crazy how accurate Spotify Discover Weekley's playlists can be — scary actually. Last week I was vibing to a mix of indie pop and alternative rock, when Spotify's bots decided I needed to hear some As I Lay Dying. Did I think I needed to, of course not, did I stop it, hell no. On that same discover playlist was a little tune called "Maps" from the indie-pop duo OYLS. The second the angelic falsetto resonated "Follow on me," I was immediately hooked and swiveling in my chair at work, arms outstretched. I hit the follow button and have been scanning Songkick for NYC dates since. I guess some other people were feeling the tune too, because it reached #5 on the Spotify viral charts and has amassed half a million plays.

Following Maps success, the group releases "10th Song," today. This song is a poetic reflection on the comfort of uncertainty. In the song they trade the bubbly indie-pop persona for something a bit more subdued, letting drum machines and beautifully layered synths and guitar riffs score it. The song swells and calms like the roaring and receding tide, indicative of the fleeting moments of uncertainty and confidence. OYLS certainly has our attention and we can't wait to see what they do next. Listen to their hit track "Maps," below. 

Connect with OYLS: Spotify | Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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