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Introducing: Julius and his soul-baring new single "Talk"

New life is being pumped into r&b with artists like Brent Faiyaz, Syd, SZA, Daniel Caesar, and many others creating beautiful music that continues to push the genre forward. There's a new voice that's looking to make an impact in r&b by the name of Julius. The Orange County, CA, native, is just two years into his music career and has already created a buzz from releasing iPhone recorded singles.

Julius is now ready to make his proper debut with the title track from his forthcoming EP Talk (via Holy Toto). "Talk" starts off as a piano-driven cut with the perfect accents of bass, but it quickly moves to a snap-filled and guitar strumming introspective piece. Julius's vocal range is on full display; making it easy for his vocals to be the shining star of the single. Julius will remind you of D'Angelo, Sampha, and Joe at various moments throughout the song with his soulful vocals and sonics.

Excited isn't a descriptive enough word to describe the anticipation to hear more music from Julius. Until then, sit and stream "Talk".

Main Stage · Premiere · R&B


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