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Machinedrum releases kinetic new song "1 2 B Needed" featuring Roses Gabor

Travis Stewart, AKA prolific electronic musician Machinedrum is back at it again with his third single since the release of last year's album, the glossy, glittering Human Energy. Today we're hearing "1 2 B Needed" which features vocalist Roses Gabor, whom you may know from the SBTRKT song "Pharaohs". It comes on the heels of "What Is This" featuring Rosie Lowe and "U Betta" which were released in April and June, respectively. "1 2 B Needed" is the most frenetic, playfully aggressive song of the three singles. "It's a 'cute banger' meant to uplift and melt faces simultaneously”, according to Stewart.

The tune features the jagged, angular, sharp synths and dynamic stop-and-start beats that Stewart has been focused on since the release of Human Energy, a conscious decision to keep evolving his sound. With traditional EDM builds but in Machinedrum's own way, the drum patterns get more hectic and complex before giving way to a drop that is filled with surprisingly bold arpeggios and percussion with each successive drop.

Grab the tune via Ninja Tune here.

Connect with Machinedrum: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

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