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LENII and Benta will strike to your "Bones" with new single

Irish vocalist LENII recently got together with New York based producer Benta on a bone chilling new single. The two channeled the hostile climate of todays world to create something beautiful with "Bones." LENII sings of a girl who is beautiful inside and out, innocent and pure with illuminating love. In the song’s refrain, “I am made of bone” is her cry for help...reminding people that she is human and made of the same flesh and bones as they are. 

Benta compliments the song with lush production keeping the instrumental rather minimal but with striking piano that hits the listener to the core. I really suggest giving this song a listen or two and let the entire composition encapsulate your body. 


Connect with LENII: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

Connect with Benta: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud



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