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BEFFROI explores emotional emptiness in new single "Jade"


"Jade" is the newest single by BEFFROI,  an electronic music duo made up of Rori (vocalist) & Valentin (producer) who both combine to make moody, mind-bending electro-pop tunes. The aforementioned single is a classic case as Rori tells a tale of an individual chasing his first high with less than satisfactory result.

Built on the backbone of a dark, sombre cinematic synth, the track kicks off with a Celtic vocal that ultimately sets the tone for the rest of the song.  Once the kick drums kick in Rori's ethereal, highly emotional vocal performance takes centre stage and more importantly the images she conjures with her lyrics. Her aim to take the listener to a darker side of reality is pretty much achieved as the track progresses making use of the subtle transitions and minute instrument breakdowns at certain points to drive home the message of emotional emptiness and the futile search for fulfilment. 

Speaking about the track Rori stated:“When Val first sent me Jade’s instrumental, I was driving by one of those red-light districts Belgium is famous for. Watching all those lonely souls interacting in hopes of finding instant satisfaction got me inspired. I then came up with those lyrics about this guy feeling numb & empty; desperately seeking answers about love & feeling mechanisms. The only time he finds closure is when he enters the 'Jade', but it never last long.
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Electronic · Experimental · Indie


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