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Ella Vos returns to "Rearrange" her place at the top of synth-pop

We covered the feminist pop heiress Ella Vos two months ago when she released the ethereal single, "In Your Corner." Since then this LA artist has been gearing up to drop her debut album guaranteed to feature eloquent lyricism and Vos's signature airy vocals. "Rearrange" debuted today and she shares her intimate experiences once again. Her songwriting journey began as a result of toxic relationships, a struggle with post-partum depression, and the birth of her son; it's no surprise that her music always illuminates the intricacies of human connections.

Ella gives her take on her new single,

"Rearrange is about trying to change yourself in order to fit in or to be accepted. I wrote this song after realizing how much time I’d wasted trying to explain myself to someone who was never going to understand me. Not just because I was different, but because I wasn’t who they wanted me to be and I never would be."

The chorus croons, "I rearrange, I try to change for you / But you stay the same, no matter what I do." The challenge of changing for others feels all too familiar against the backdrop of dream-pop synths and iridescent piano accompaniment. It's calming, comforting, and another shining single added to Vos's repertoire. 

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