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Thyla perfects the smoky eye in "Pristine Dream" [Video]

Thyla, 4-piece rock outfit from Brighton, UK, have put out an enticing video for their fiery single "Pristine Dream". Over the last couple of years the band has been gaining traction as they've been putting out singles and making the rounds performing in the UK. This latest offering has their sound evolving into a more polished, glass-toned affair, one that retains the energy of their previously distorted guitars in the form of compositional prowess. 

In this track the band fully embraces its love for post-punk/new wave/shoegaze in an expert amalgamation of them all. Millie Duthie's vocals possess a distinctive quality that makes this group stand out: they are capable of softness but are also able to cut through the more cacophonous moments in a high register that is somehow atmospheric while also grounded. Kudos also goes to drummer Danny Southwell for creating a flurry of percussion with just a kick, snare, and hi-hat. 

In the video, they play around with gender in their re-hashing of Robert Palmer's video for "Addicted to Love". Duthie takes Palmer's place in a suit and a low ponytail while her male bandmates are clad in the skin tight black dresses, heels, and glossy red lipstick seen in the original. All members have achieved the perfect smokey eye for the perfect disaffected look. But while her band mates coolly play their instruments, Duthie acts as the expressive centre: she locks those perfectly-lined eyes with the camera and draws you into her world as she sings "I will never be your pristine dream". 

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