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RALFY gets cheeky in new video for "Bad Sex"

This is the first time we've heard from English pop artist RALFY, but he sets the bar high. This Hertfordshire marvel debuted with his humorous and candid single "Bad Sex," which talks about the awkward subject in a playful way rather than the overtly sensual radio smash hits that we can't seem to avoid this millennia. He flips confidence on its backside and makes his "bad sex" work in his own eccentric way. Refreshing, amusing, and above all relatable to any human on Earth, RALFY creates a flourishing pop banger that will be circling this girl's playlist for years to come.

RALFY told Wonderland Mag,

I was bored of writing sad songs. I decided to lighten up and have a laugh about something honest, ditching the fake metaphors. I got literal and I’m fucking excited about it.

Yesterday, RALFY released a music video that fits the mood to a tee and features outfits changes, quirky choreography, and several shag beds that look like Austin Powers supplied them himself. Check out the colorful and comical video and grab the single for free download here.


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