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Nearly Native shows off on sophomore track "I Have Been Waiting"

Earlier this year, Nearly Native debuted its first track, "Colour." Now this week we are getting a second taste of the artist's work, in the form of "I Have Been Waiting." A punchy, garage and UK pop-drum and bass crossover track, "I Have Been Waiting" has an authenticity, a rawness that comes through in the intrigue of its percussion and beat.

Featuring a pitched down V V Brown on vocals that fleet in and out of the track, "I Have Been Waiting" is inviting and infectious all while having a brooding sense of knowing. With London's James Leggett behind the veil of Nearly Native, it seems he's wise beyond his years in his music making. Taking inspiration from his hometown's famed electronic style, and an additional range of influences including the music from Requiem for a Dream, this one goes beyond just being a sophomore track. We look forward to hearing more from Nearly Native as his debut EP Bones approaches.

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Electronic · Garage


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