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Lamalo and Hayden Buchanan take it easy in single "Come Over"

Here to tug at your heartstrings is Sydney based duo Lamalo, who team up with vocalist Hayden Buchanan in a heartwarming track "Come Over" that speaks to a yearning love. The track marry together Buchanan's soulful and emotionally charged vocals with subtle synths with a somber acoustic to add depth. Quirky melodies and a sunkissed atmosphere flow throughout the vibe of the track. It holds a quiet timbre but Buchanan's lyricism contrasts uniquely with the perky melodies within. "Come Over"'s slight jazz vibes and smooth vocals create a perfect chill out track that's all too relatable. 

The lyrics for ‘Come Over’ tell the story of a couple growing apart as they follow their own dreams. It explores the emotions of finding yourself in a long distance relationship. It is an ode to Hayden Buchanan’s ex,” Lamalo said.

Connect with Lamalo: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter
Connect with Hayden BuchananFacebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Alternative R&B


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