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LIONE adds exquisite touch to Martin Garrix's "There For You"

One of our favourite producers based out Los Angeles has been constructing a universe of his own through music. Also known as LIONE, the electronic artist has been painting fantastical soundscapes through both originals and remixes and fueling it with the most euphoric feels. With visions of utopic cityscapes, saturated in pastels and vibrant neons, LIONE's sonic universe is nothing short of adventure and fantasy. Late last year the producer unveiled his first original single "Leave this Place" off Martin Garrix's imprint STMPD Records. The track was a kaleidoscopic sensation, fusing together sounds of both the future and past with retro synths in innovative constructions.

In LIONE's most recent venture, he takes on Martin Garrix's "There For You". The remix begins with LIONE's characteristic sparkling synths, lifting listeners up in a blissful state. The pitch spikes up with fervent echos and percussion, torpedoing listeners into a rich drop. By adding this dreamy layer of adventure, LIONE puts together a memorable remix, extremely distinctive with his out of this world sound. 

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