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Tate Tucker shows his LA in "Wannabe" video [Watch]

Living in the talent-saturated entertainment hub of Los Angeles has a lot of wannabes crossing alt-hip hop rapper Tate Tucker's path. In the lyrics of his newest track, appropriately named "Wannabe," Tucker both relates to and pokes fun at the "Adidas Superstar" wearing girls just trying to make it big in his hometown.

The Georgetown University grad links up with Damien Blue, the director of his previous video for "Capital," and photographer Ben Shmikler for the video. Set in a gym and in an extravagant house in the hills, Tucker plays two braggadocios characters that he admits are part of his personality. He embodies everyone's least favorite gym-goer, the onlooker, and a materialistic rapper with a red Tesla to match. Tucker shares,

"The video subtly brings to life some of my alter egos - a nod to my own Wannabe tendencies. I didn't want the video to just rip people for wanting to be something, I think it's something everybody goes through."

In the stylistic video, Tucker wears a red kangol hat gifted to him by legendary songwriter Bill Danoff and a Calgary Flames jersey worn by his father when he played Michael Jackson's father in a movie. Complimenting the 808 heavy production, the costumes are vehicles for Tucker to reason with his vices. 

Watch the flashy video above, and listen to the new track below.

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