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Zuli's new single "Blaze" is a danceable treat

Zuli, aka Ryan Camenzuli, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Long Island, NY, has put out his second single "Blaze" from upcoming debut album On Human Freakout Mountain set to release on October 20 via Swoon City. This follows his explosive first single "kubadiver" and his lauded 2015 EP Supernatural Voodoo. After playing and touring with multiple other bands, he retreated back to Long Island to write and record his first full-length. 

Zuli achieves a smooth blend of psych rock and pop, with the pop element comprised of both modern and romantic oldies-inspired melodies. "Blaze" is similar to his previous work in that it has a more modern feel - it almost reminds me of the mid-2000s - even though it seems his new direction may lean more towards older sounds. In this track we get to hear the higher range of his syrupy, sometimes Shins-esque vocals as they dash around in the gooey falsetto of the refrain. The guitars offer both juicy, resonant riffs that often mirror the vocal melody and choppier, distorted chords that support the chorus and breakdown. On the outro his agility on the guitar is unleashed as he expertly shapes elastic lines in response to the infectious ooo's that carry the song to its conclusion. It's an undeniably dynamic track that you can't help but start dancing to. Check out album details and tour dates below.

1. follow you
2. blaze
3. kubadiver
4. neither am i
5. still believe
6. ohfm
7. knew me
8. fuzzy
9. lonely eyes
10. thinking of you

Pre-order the album here

Tour dates:

August 20—Chapel Hill, NC—Local 506
August 22—Athens, GA—Rooftop @ Georgia Theatre
August 25—St. Louis, MI—San Loo
August 27—Chicago, IL—Sofar Sounds
August 28—Chicago, IL—Emporium
September 5—New York, NY—Rockwood Music Hall (Stages 1, 2 & 3)
September 8—University Park, PA—Penn State University Noontime Series

Connect with Zuli: SpotifyFacebook | Twitter | Instagram


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