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Take a breezy ride with Aron D'Alesio's "Long Way Gone"

Aron D'Alesio has shared "Long Way Gone", the third single from his upcoming self-titled debut album out on August 25 via Paper Bag Records. After years of fronting the band Young Rival, D'Alesio felt the need to focus on the creative process independently and free from stagnating schedules. So he settled into a basement studio in Hamilton, ON, that he could use overnight, and this provided him with the refuge he needed to fulfill his creative desires and create his first solo LP.

D'Alesio's distinctive guitar playing and compositional adeptness quickly devour any notion that this track is just another example of jangle pop. As if he was driving a red convertible on a mountainous California road, he coolly maneuvers the song through unexpected turns, allowing us to contentedly enjoy the breeze while we experience the dramatic fluctuations of the landscape. It makes sense that this image comes to mind, since D'Alesio was doing a lot of driving around and listening to oldies on AM radio during the time he wrote this song.

"I've never felt connected to any particular music scene and the tunes from this bygone era that I have no real connection to have always really spoken to me for some reason," D'Alesio says, which I think is something a lot of musicians and music lovers can relate to: turning to older classics can be a satisfying form of escapism from the sometimes overwhelming pace of contemporary music. As he also mentions, it can be easier to like something that you know has stood the test of time rather than something that is being fiercely marketed to you. And certainly in addition to the style and tone of his guitars, D'Alesio's vocals are indicative of a love for oldies. With their characteristic twang and grit, and in conjunction with the strengths mentioned above, they elevate his sound so that it swells above the sea of nostalgic guitar music as something more its own. I think this one will age nicely. 

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