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Felly demonstrates the art of celebrating success in "Bag Season"

In his latest video, Connecticut born rapper Felly throws himself a little pool party in Hawaii to celebrate his success. If there’s a better way to celebrate nationwide touring and over 10 million plays on Spotify, I think we’d all love to know.


Felly is far from a household name, but the young emcee is starting to turn heads. Thanks to success from last year, Felly is gaining momentum in time for this debut album, Wild Strawberries, which drops August 18. In preparation for that album, he released “Bag Season” as one of his singles.

The track is a light hearted one about celebrating success, and the video matches that aesthetic to a T. The simple visuals follow Felly as he is literally woken up with a bag of cash to the dome, by track feature Trip Carter, and then follows him as he and his mates get ready for a pool party. It's tough to hate a video full of blondes, blue skies, and bikinis; this guy seems to understand the perks of success.

Give “Bag Season” a watch above and be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for Wild Strawberries when it drops August 18th.

Connect with Felly: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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