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Lewy captures "Summer Daze" in his newest video

Los Angeles based rapper Lewy follows up his 2015 album, From Here on Out, with a new video for “Summer Daze.” His sophomore album, Through My Eyes, is coming this month and deals with the heavy topics of loss and the darker details of Lewy’s life. “Summer Daze” acts as a bright counter balance to the somber themes of the upcoming record. Lewy directed and produced the video out of his own production house.

The video features him, family, and friends cooking out on the beach. The added effect of a home video ups the intimacy. “Summer Daze” is really a testament to the three things that drive Lewy and his music: “Family, love, and loyalty.” His jovial attitude in the video is also a byproduct of his mantra in life: “If you're not willing to lose the good for the better, then it wasn't worth it.” Having made more than enough sacrifices in his life, this video catalogs a well earned moment to celebrate.

Connect with Lewy: Twitter | Soundcloud 

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