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Check out "Talk About" by CAPYAC, the weirdest and most fun music video of the summer [Premiere]


Ready for the weirdest and raddest video of the Summer?! Introducing CAPYAC and their odd and groovy video “Talk About.” Based in Texas, this dance crew has tremendous style, which is what makes "Talk About" one of their best performing tracks on Spotify and SoundCloud. The song is energetic, summery and catchy as hell; the video is a whole different story. 

Weird/awesome right? The video follows two CGI aliens (or maybe a better word is “things” hard to say on this one) breaking it down with some stellar dance moves in different parts of Los Angeles. Their moves line up perfectly with the beat as they boogie on down throughout America’s greatest city, from Venice to Downtown and plenty of areas in between.

Major kudos to director Rob Wadleigh of Dual Citizen for putting this together. It’s weird and even borderline creepy, but the details of these strange beings are top notch. From shadows to their extra creepy faces and oh so shiny skin, the whole thing is awesomely frightening, especially when the video gets tripped out around the 2-minute mark.

It's difficult to say what the point of the video is, or if there is even a point, but it’s fun as hell to watch. It gives a great sense of Los Angeles and ends on a wacky note that is suitable considering what is going on throughout the flick.


Connect with CAPYAC: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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