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John Dylan releases new psychy tune "If I Want You To" from upcoming album 'Peripheral Drift Illusion'

San Francisco based artist John Dylan has released his new psychy tune "If I Want You To" from his upcoming album Peripheral Drift Illusion, currently slated for a fall release date. Citing classic group The Beatles as a major inspiration, Dylan has legendary artist Klaus Voorman (of The Beatles Revolver album) currently designing the art work for the album. In addition to pieces from Voorman, Jesse Michaels from Operation Ivy is also working on the artwork for one of the upcoming singles. 

On the collaboration Dylan says, "I reached out to Klaus through and just started talking to him. I initially had this idea that I would do some black and white collage work for the album but I quickly realized I was just trying to do what Klaus does so well. I introduced myself, sent him some of my music, mentioned the artwork of his that I thought connected well to the music, and sent a document explaining the meaning and themes of the album. He replied that it was very moving and that he loves working on the kind of art I was singling out, and said yes. We've become penpals, and our thread so far is 23 emails deep. He has made jokes that he is going to buy a new yacht with his (quite modest) commission and sail it around Starnberger See, and name it the 'S.S. John' after me." 

"If I Want You To" itself is a spacey mix of shoegaze and pop with distinct psych influences. A trippy guitar riff floats above a steady bass line and energetic drum beat, reminiscent of classic tunes with a modern twist. 

Connect with John Dylan: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 

Acid · Psychedelic


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