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The Endorphins debut with Majestic Casual and "Ms. Right Now" [Premiere]

Say hello to the mysterious boy-girl duo The Endorphins and their hip-swaying debut “Ms. Right Now.” Little is known about these two aside from their Swedish roots, but this first track from The Endorphins brings all the right R&B flavor to their style of electronic pop. Soulful filtered feminine vocals are matched with a similar attitude in the production of pillowed beats and dreamy synths. “Ms. Right Now” is the perfect uplifting, irresistible track to set your weekend on the right foot. It’s hard to believe they’ve come out of no where with this addicting little gem. The only fault is I think they should have named it “Ms. Right Thang,” but I’m just being picky. Look for The Endorphins “Ms. Right Now” out now via Majestic Casual and Epic Oslo. Make sure to follow along because it’s clear these two know what’s up.  


Connect with The Endorphins:  SoundCloud | FacebookTwitter

Connect with Majestic Casual: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


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