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The Desert chill out with "Just Get High"

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New duo The Desert, comprised of singer Gina Leonard and producer/guitarist Tom Fryer, have strolled onto the London indie scene with a sultry little track called "Just Get High". The two met at Cambridge Folk Fest in 2014, and although Leonard, normally a solo act, felt a severe amount of trepidation working with another person, the two hit it off. Something about the wavelength they're on is definitely working, because "Just Get High" is a very strong debut single. Gina's sleepy vocals hit  that space in-between commitment and "just seeing each other". "I like the ones that don't want me for much," her vocals simmering somewhere between singing and speech. It's a beautifully written song about wanting to live in a particular moment with another person and refusing to concentrate on what your future holds. Fryer's guitar is laid back and lazy as the vocal, but underneath is a house type beat which gives the song just enough tension to make it truly interesting.  The production is atmospheric and moody, allowing the track to move effortlessly through its ups and downs. 

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Acoustic · Alternative · Electronic · Indie · Indie Pop · Synth


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