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SJ & Natty Reeves team up with Abhi the Nomad to do the "Foxtrot"

I first came across Abhi The Nomad when he dropped  a single titled "Warheads" with his rhyming partner Foster (both now known as El Capitán). The man in question has gone on to release a handful of projects such as the genre mashing and grim Where Are My Friends.

However "Foxtrot" is the latest hailing from the small suburb of Thousand Oaks, CA.  Teaming up with DeepMatter artists; multi instrumentalist Simon Jefferis (London, UK based) & singer-songwriter Natty Reeves (Bristol raised) who both create a jazz-esque lo fi backdrop for emcee Abhi Nomad to paint a semi sensual picture with a calculated flow and trippy delivery.

"...set em all natural, levitate via plane
wanted with the PDA and pat you down like I'm in the TSA
So take your shoes off, relax for a minute
too often we argue back and forth, Serena Williams...."

Dynamically the song breaks into a drum-less guitar driven chorus section with syncopated snaps while Abhi does a bluesy hook- nothing complicated, simple and somewhat catchy.

Connect with Abhi the Nomad: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook
Connect with Simon Jefferis: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram
Connect with Natty Reeves: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


Hip-Hop · Jazz · Lo-Fi


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