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ATFC's latest might be the most infectious thing you'll hear today

It’s Friday; know what that means? Time for some music that makes us want to let loose. Some feel-good, authentic groove that reminds us why we love the stuff. To our luck, ATFC is here to provide that with his latest remix.

The Anglo-Turkish artist is famous for his unapologetic disco house style (think Ibiza), and simultaneous chill out versions of the same upbeat tracks. He’s up and down just like the best DJ sets, and has brought his veteran knowledge to remix pop tracks and electronic alike, while maintaining a distinct fun loving voice throughout his own originals. Today he’s partnered with Quantize Recordings to remix a track from emerging London name Warboy’s track “Love High Enough.” Featuring vocals from Ruth Brown, ATFC had a perfect blank canvas to start with. He’s used play in percussion and a worldly bassline to make this remix lovable and unforgettable, and its energy can only be experienced at its best with a listen above.

Connect with ATFC: SoundCloud | Facebook 

Dance · House


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