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Otis Junior & Dr. Dundiff's "4 Us" is an instant picker-upper [Video Premiere]

Whether you’re groggily slipping in and out of consciousness over a hangover breakfast or just need some positive energy to kick off your week, Otis Junior and Dr. Dundiff’s latest video for their song “4 Us” will do just the trick.

The jazzy, upbeat picker-upper is the third single off of Hemispheres, a full-length project the group dropped in March. The Mike Thompson-directed video features Otis, Dundiff and a dapper jazz band performing the track in front of a crowd of peeps who are, understandably, getting down with their bad selves in a major way.
If you had the pleasure of checking out “The Ballad” the last time Otis Junior and Dr. Dundiff graced the pages of EARMILK, the smooth and uplifting vibes on “4 Us” should come as no surprise. Otis’ silky vocals and Dundiff’s impeccable live-band production on this joint -- and every other spin on Hemispheres — is a soul-stirring combination.
If you’re funking with “4 Us,” definitely do yourself a favor and cop Hemispheres, out now on Jakarta Records, and be on the looky for more saucy drops from these two dope human beings.
Connect with Otis Junior: Facebook | SoundCloud
Connect with Dr. Dundiff: Twitter | SoundCloud
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