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Nonzus Magnus gets dark in the visuals for "Mob 100"

The Irish rap scene isn't something that's well known or discovered. Ask anyone in the world about Ireland and the stereotypical 'Guiness, Leprachauns & Shamrocks' would no doubt spew from their mouth within seconds. However, in recent years, the rap music & Ireland have been rekindling their relationship dating back to the House Of Pain days (American-Irish but whatever). Rejjie Snow has been at the forefront of this, commanding a huge fan base across the globe.

I happened to stumble across my new favorite 'play in the whip' banger on a Facebook group (shout-out to The Basement fam!) and it's been stuck on repeat since. Nonzus Magnus is a name I wasn't familiar with at firt, but after delving into some previous songs and watching his documentary on the culture bringing the Irish youth together, I've been impressed by the young Dubliner's persona. His latest video "Mob 100" is a dark, almost Keith-Ape like visual masterpiece which depicts the young rapper mobbin' with his friends and generally just having fun, but it's the track that really drives the whole idea. Deep, boomin' 808s cut up with crisp snares and rolling hi-hats set the tone, as Nonzus and his low, dark sounding vocals jump over the top, combining to make a track that is bound to have you pulling all kinds of screwfaces whilst probably breaking your neck from nodding to hard!

Connect with Magnus: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

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