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Kyd The Band confronts the perception of an ideal life with "American Dreamer" [Premiere]

I'm a sucker for a guitar-laden indie alt banger, so you can imagine my elation upon first listen of the hook-laden replay worthy, "American Dreamer" by kyd the band. 

The song takes aim at the American ideal from the perspective of someone who is love and trying to grasp at the oh so elusive American dream. The band, comprised of brothers Kyle and Devin Guisande, are no stranger to the ups and downs that come with striving for the good life - both instrumentalists,  they grew up playing in church and eventually moved to Nashville in the pursuit of making music. Devin reflected on the downside of their come up in the band bio saying, “We shared a bedroom but didn't have beds. We slept on the floor for the first two years. I worked as an assistant to a real estate agent here in town and Kyle worked at a Game Stop. We'd work during the day and then come home and write our music at night."

In the track, Devin delivers punchy lyrics over Kyle's echoing guitar strumming, singing "I think I want to buy you a house / I think I want to share forever right now / and if the bank man comes to steal it away / I hope you I hope you stay." 

When asked about the inspiration behind the song and video, Kyle told EARMILK:

 "When we were younger we remember seeing our parents go through a rough time financially. Our house was pretty empty because they had to sell our furniture to make some money. We even remember a guy from the bank walking up and taping a foreclosure notice to our front door. Through all of it, our parents stuck it out together. That story was the inspiration for 'American Dreamer'. It's the idea of wanting to give that person everything in the world but also hoping they stay if you lost everything. The video for American Dreamer is the first of a collection of videos to come out that will tell one story. We wanted to create something that was a little dark but also humorous, tying lyrics in with visuals in a fresh way." 

For the sake of my playlist (and yours), I'm banking on kyd the band's dreams not being repossessed (see what I did there?). View their video for "American Dreamer" above. 

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