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Branchez takes a trip to the country with Big Wet to "Turn Up On the Weekend" [Video]

Turn up on the weekend is uncomfortable to listen to…at first. After a few listens, even the harshest of critics would find themselves nodding their heads and singing the chorus. Reminiscent of a country fried Drake song, Branchez and Big Wet have created something familiar, yet different. Almost an unaware joke of itself, the song leaves you thinking in all seriousness “I think I love this” and that is alright by me. 
What just happened? What's a New York DJ and EDC performer like Branchez doing with Big Wet? All valid questions but you should know that Branchez gets a kick out of challenging himself by putting his production skills to the test and attacking new genres - as seen with one of his earlier mixes of Rihanna's "Stay". Maybe this video/song is serious, maybe it was never meant to be, we still can't quite figure that out but we watched it till the end. As artists from various genres continue to seek out the complex production skills and beat mastering of more electronic artists, it's only ever been inevitable till country music started doing the same.
What we do know is that this new music video is a triumphant visual of life in the sticks. It almost makes you want to quit your big-city job and move to the deep south…almost. The video is riddled with appearances of gun-toting women and a cameo by The Fat Jewish, which makes for a very entertaining counterpart to the song. It’s as if you drank a jar of moonshine and passed out, only to have an amazing dream about the weekend. So, sit back, relax and get turned up!
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