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Mura Masa debuts "Nuggets / Helpline" one week ahead of album drop

A few months back, English producer Mura Masa announced his self-titled album that will be released July 14th. Since then, we've heard tracks from the album that have ranged from collaborations with rapper Desiigner to Charli XCX to Christine and the Queens. This time, just ahead of the album's release, Mura Masa has dropped two final tracks from the album on an EP Nuggets / Helpline

"Nuggets" features longtime vocal collaborator Bonzai, and is a modern, funky track with a dancehall-inspired beat laid against a playful bassline. Bonzai shows off her rhythmic vocal skills, leaving this one totally lovable with a badass edge. "helpline" is a different look from Mura Masa. Featuring Tom Tripp on vocals this time, "helpline" has an almost indie pop influence, with 80's synth play and less of a groove (but not less appeal) than what we usually hear from Mura Masa.

These tracks leave just a few left to debut on Friday as Mura Masa debuts.

Connect with Mura Masa: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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