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Coast through the cosmos with Cut Copy’s first single in 4 years, “Airborne”

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Cut Copy is back. But they were never really gone. Hardcore fans of the Aussie indie electronic act will recall the band’s extremely limited (400 units) cassette only ambient release The January Tape from last fall. I had the opportunity to catch up with frontman Dan Whitford at the time, as the band was as he put it, “thrashing out” the themes of their forthcoming studio album. (Check out our full conversation here.) Dan emphasized Cut Copy’s commitment to evolving with each release, and it’s exhilarating to behold “Airborne,” a forward-thinking triumph that demonstrates the maturation of the band’s sound.

Emphatic guitar jangles, otherworldy synths and a kicked back bassline create a distinctively retro mood. Nostalgia and escapism to another time and place has become a hallmark of pop culture in the past year. How remarkable that Dan essentially sensed what listeners would react to a year in advance, and nailed it on the head. 2016 Dan remarked, “Sometimes you’ve got to give people what they don’t even know they want yet, exactly what they’re asking for. Sometimes you’ve got to almost be the fortune teller, looking into the future of what you think is really going to switch people on, what’s really going to surprise people or excite people.” Cut Copy’s crystal ball worked like a charm.

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Chillwave · Indie Dance · Synth Pop


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