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Blank gives Madnap's 'Lavender' a heavy flip in new remix

It was only a matter of time before Madnap's 'Lavender' got remixed. As the first official remix off the Lavender EP, Blank puts his spin on the airy original. The California-based DJ and producer comes in hot with his rendition through its Flume x Porter Robinson vibe and extra bouncy kick. 

Blank gives love to the original 'Lavender' with his focus on Madnap's vocals and Japanese-inspired melodies, but changes its entire feel with high-intensity build-ups and drops. The additional heavy bass and synths with quick drum beats give the track some edge. This rendition kicks off future remixes from the Lavender EP in a big way and if the next releases are anything like this one, they're going to be insane. Keep an eye out.

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