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Personal and political converge in The Perceptionists' new video for "Hose Down"

A month out from their first record in 12 years, The Perceptionists are dropping startling visuals for their lead single, “Hose Down.” Both Mr. Lif and Akrobatik find themselves at the center of a vigil, bringing the gut-wrenching themes of the record to life. Splicing scenes of protests from 1960 with a deadly traffic stop further cement the notion that the battle for equality is far from won. Akrobatik’s verse is particularly sobering, delivering from the driver’s seat of the car an innocent black man is being slammed against. Ak makes it clear that money rules the social systems, and expresses a few despondent worries: ‘They just wanted to be part of something / And not feel like they fought so hard for nothing.’ But above all else, this video is a call to survive. Despite ending with the looming terror of a cop with his gun drawn, the bridge on this cut resonates long after the video cuts out: ‘This is more like an uprise.’

Resolution comes out July 28th, will be out on Mello Music Group, and you can grab a pre-order here.

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