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Lil Bibby is back with his "Free Crack 4 Intro"

Drill rapper and Chicago native Lil Bibby is back with a new track and some visuals for "Free Crack 4 Intro". Judging by the title, this is the opener to his highly anticipated album Free Crack 4. This track is nothing short than what Lil Bibby has been providing over the years. He brings his aggressive flow, deep voice, and dark lyricism to this in your face instrumental produced by DJ L. Bibby opens up his verse by paying respect to the late Notorious B.I.G. as he says, "Bitch we armed and dangerous, you ain't no limit, can't hang with us, ain't too many that can bang with us" like B.I.G opened his verse on "Notorious Thugs" back in 1997. The rest of the track his Bibby dropping bar after bar showing that he isn't playing on this new album. This instrumental has a great build up with a subtle bass line that leads into a crazy bass drop and sets the stage for Bibby to shine.

This is another example of a drill rap beat that got him here in the first place. He talks about his gang, girls, and drugs all throughout this one and even though it seems like he is always rapping about these things, this one feels different. He seems to be hungrier than ever and it shows with his flow and lyricism showing a significant improvement since his last tape Free Crack 3. Check out this track and video above and be on the lookout for Free Crack 4 coming soon. 

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