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Dooqu glows on new single "Circles"

Dooqu, known to friends as Birk Bønløkke, is not your run-of-the-mill producer. Growing up in the secluded Denmark countryside, the 19-year old taught himself the ins-and-outs of production and evolved his sound into something uniquely his own, which cannot be compared. "Circles", featuring Ian Gott on vocals, encompasses all of Dooqu's skills with its layers of production complexity.

The track opens on a whimsical note with breathy vocals and a slow build into synths which command the duration of "Circles". Dooqu states that he wanted to blend together soft and metallic sounds on the song to create contrast, which is evident in the lighter portions of the track melting into the bouncy electronic sounds. The track also tells the story of lovers chasing each other in circles, which is displayed expertly in Gott's vocals. Available now via Heroic Recordings, "Circles" is an impressive display of a young producer's passion for production and knowledge of music. Keep your eye on this one.

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