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Secret Weapons release a sultry new indie pop track with “Ghost” [Premiere]

EARMILK's excited to premiere today a new track from New York City duo Secret Weapons titled "Ghost". With a playful 80's style guitar riff, a catchy horn hook and an emotionally charged chorus, this track is sultry, elusive and most certainly a groovy new addition to that summer playlist. 

"We wanted to create a universe for all of our music to live in. Ghost sets up our entire world. It's kinda like this bizzaro New York City. So much of the plot revolves around hope, struggle and grinding it out in NYC." Secret Weapons

The track kicks off with a playful horn hook as a soft vocal enters to kick off the momentum and a hard hitting snare really gets the chest bumping. It confidently leads up to this smooth downtempo chorus. They really brought the tempo back down in a masterful, sultry way, as the horns join the vocals and it's just done so captivatingly that you can't help but want to drop those knees and sway those hips while joining the background finger snaps. Secret Weapons are skillful song constructors and this track proves they aren't afraid to introduce various elements of song production into their music. "Ghost" is a representation of that and they seamlessly bring in various elements of Depeche Mode broodingly honest lyrics, laced with 80's style pop melodies and even subtly fitting in Daft Punk robot vocals. 

Secret Weapons first met back in high school when they began writing in a studio apartment by day and throwing parties in Brooklyn by night. Their 2015 debut single “Something New” was an immediate Spotify success followed by their first self-titled EP which landed them live performances alongside notable acts like Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! at the Disco before appearing at major festivals like Lollapalooza. Keep an eye out for what they come out with next as they continue building upon this momentum. 

“We started off by throwing parties, it was the quickest way for us to make people feel something before we could do that with our own music. We both went through a tremendous amount, physically and emotionally over the last year...those painful experiences are an ever-present theme for us, and it’s the fuel from which a Secret Weapons song is born” Secret Weapons

Connect with Secret Weapons: Website | Facebook | Twitter


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