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Adult Karate and Amp Live tease with "Traces" [Premiere]

This isn’t out first taste of KC Maloney and his project Adult Karate. A while back we premiered his chilled and bubbly track “Friction” and today we have another tasty treat from the LA-based producer. “Traces” sees Adult Karate teaming up with producer Amp Live which results in more of a hip-hop styled beat that flows beneath Maloney’s R&B-infused vocals. The track has an interesting organic sway with flicks of electric guitar and a bit of piano with the build. It’s minimal in instrumentation, but heavy with emotive melodies and effectiveness.

Maloney says that he wrote this track referencing a recurring dream in which he kept turning someone around to see their face, but kept meeting their back again. “I wanted to transpose that feeling and visual into a song about two lovers who are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again until it all falls apart,” says Maloney. You can definitely feel that turmoil and emotion in the lyrics and melodies.

Connect with Adult Karate: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Connect with Amp Live: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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