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Jai Nitai Lotus reveals the "Blue in the Water"

Canadian acts Jai Nitai Lotus and Dr Mad have linked up once more for a new atmospheric joint titled "Blue In The Water". The Montreal-based duo are stalwarts of the ever growing beat scene in the city. Respectively, both are actually multi-role playing individuals: Dr Mad is a DJ and producer (who sometimes kicks bars) while Jai Nitai Lotus stays in the forefront as a time-tested emcee and eclectic producer in his own right.


Their first release as a duo was the mellow soulful "Speed of Thought" and their latest follow-up is the new single "Blue in the Water". As Jai states "This song enters a new sonic realm of wavy blues, 808s, grit and soul."  Upon hitting the play button what you perceive is a thick air of dopeness from the duo, a dreamy lo-fi soundscape cascaded by Jai Nitai's short verbal spasm. Short and straight to the jugular. 

Alternative · Atmospheric · Rap · Soul-Hop


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