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Phora announces new album and releases single "To The Moon"

2017 has been quite the year for Phora, with most of his success coming from his track "Sinner Pt. 2" earlier this year. Now it is finally time for the young artist to release his new album, Yours Truly Forever set to release August 18th. With all of this excitement about the new album, Phora has given us something to hold us over for the next few months. With some more stunning visuals to bring this one to life, "To The Moon" is a slower paced track that has Phora expressing to a girl that he could be the one to show her what love truly is. While the hook has him mostly singing, he doesn't shy away from the challenge of snapping on this instrumental. Phora brings such a slick and smooth flow as he makes this song about love his own to help show the listener what he is all about. This instrumental is so fire, he has some background vocals that are so soothing to the ear and they really help bring this track together. With tracks like this, Phora is without a doubt next to blow. You can get tickets to his upcoming tour here and be sure to pre-order his new album here!

Connect with Phora: Twitter Spotify | Website

Future R&B · Hip-Hop


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