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J.Lauryn's spirit shines bright on "Golden Year"


Where to begin when it comes to J. Lauryn? She is a Grammy winner (a co writer on Ziggy Marley's self titled album), worked behind the scenes with Ashanti and David Guetta, started her career as a dancer for Queen Latifah, and now she is at the forefront as an artist with her debut project titled Golden Year.

The Hawaii native and LA-transplant is seriously pushing the envelope with her unique style of indie reggae pop. She has mastered different genres and has no issues blending them into one pot-pourri-esque presentation.  From the chilled, dreamy introductory track "Planet Earth", gritty, neck snapping "Like Woah" to the herb influenced "Marley", the sounds on 'Golden Year' constantly shifts from one end of the genre spectrum to the other. She is pretty much hard to box in (not like I'd like to do that anyway) 

In essence the dubbed out , Golden Year, is overflowing with bright sunny beach vibes and uplifting, relatable lyrics and most of all- it's fresh and free of gimmicks.


Connect with J.Lauryn:TwitterInstagram | Soundcloud | Website


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