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Introducing: The Boo Radley Project "Bred To Be Loyal"

Guelph natives The Boo Radley Project are a funky bunch of dudes. The usually 5 piece, sometimes 8 piece band have spent the last few years touring the Ontario festival scene, with prominent main stage performances at RiverFest Elora and Hillside, releasing a few singles and honing their formidable musical skills. 

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Bred To Be Loyal is their eclectic debut LP, and it's a wild ride. A genre-bending fusion of funk, blues, jazz and indie, the tracks vary from mellow bluesy instrumentals to high-octane pieces with almost frantic vocals. And the vocals are one of the reasons this band will do so well. Lead singer Emmett Watters has an intoxicating voice, perhaps showcased best in the highlight of the album, a relaxed funk track called "What's Going On (Fat Kids)." Gravelly, whiskey-coated and walking the line between James Vincent McMorrow and Eddie Vedder. "Save The Whales" is the Boo Radley Project's chance to show off their instrumentation, with five glorious minutes of dreamy electric guitar and a haunting string melody which morphs into something ironically east coast in feel before the end of the track. Although the band could perhaps benefit sonically from continuity in future full-length releases, this is a triumphant first release with songs just catchy enough to get you hooked, but different enough to keep you interested. 

To purchase Bred To Be Loyal: Click here 

Tour Dates:

June 15 - The eBar, Guelph (album release)
June 23 - La Marche à côté, Montreal
July 1 - Steam Whistle Brewery, Toronto (afternoon show)
July 1 - Elora Brewing Company, Elora (evening show)
July 7 - Distrct, Guelph
August 20 - Riverfest Elora, Elora
August 26 - Musikii, Kingston
Connect with The Boo Radley ProjectFacebook| Twitter | SoundCloud
Blues · Funk · Indie · Instrumental · Jazz Fusion


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