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Coastal Clouds bottles up sunshine with EP "Nothing to Hide"

Think John Lennon, California sun, a really cool vintage car, and an endless stretch of beach and ocean to your left. 

Coastal Clouds, the indie surf-pop brainchild of vocalist Roberto Rodriguez and MAKE Records' founder Billy Mohler has given us the first listen of their dreamy new EP, Nothing To Hide.

A collection of songs about transition and moving to a new town, Nothing to Hide recalls the spirit of the Beach Boys while remaining forlorn and poignant in its writing. Coastal Clouds says "the songs are a retrospective look at an array of different feelings that come with moving across the country and starting a new life in a strange place." The single "Wanna Come Down" is catchy, has a beautiful vintage vibe and sets up the EP nicely for listeners. "Slow Rider" is perhaps the most reminiscent of the EP's meaning, telling of that air of nonchalance all young people try to project, especially in an unfamiliar situation with unfamiliar people. "When the night turns into day and things get old" is its constant refrain, perfect in its duality, conjuring up the Santa Monica sunrise in layman's terms. 

Give Nothing to Hide a listen, and prepare to be transported to the beach. 

Connect with Coastal Clouds: Soundcloud | Twitter | Website

70's · Indie · Indie Pop · Surf Pop


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