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Varien goes dirty and deep in remix of Savoy x Bright Lights "The Wolf"

With the likes of REZZ, k?d and Shadient paving way for a more industrial sound, future tech tracks seem to be making a more frequent appearance in DJ sets. If you're into the more menacing side of electronic music, Varien is a producer to add to your list. The producer has unveiled bone-chilling originals with a slick sci-fi sound in tracks like a "Mutiny" and his thrilling tribute to "Ghost in the Shell".  In Varien's latest venture, he adds a sinister twist to Savoy and Bright Lights "The Wolf". The menacing bass line pumps in the back and adds a slight Kavinsky feel to the work. Varien crafts the perfect night-prowler song, with neon synths and a staticky bass-line with the coolest edge. Sultry vocals add a punch to the hefty attitude of the track. This track only excites audiences more for that fresh and futuristic sound from Varien.

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