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Introducing: Indiginis takes on the M Machine's "We Had it All" [Interview]

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Two brothers who go by Indiginis are a production duo that hail from Tibet and are now taking their hodge-podge of inspirations of to create music that is dynamic and spreads good vibes. It's a unique take that blends together hip-hop percussions with quirky future bass elements and a house twist. The up and coming duo have unveiled their own spin to tracks by Jack U, Lemaitre and JAHKOY and have few sophisticated bangers hanging around as well. As Indiginis remains unbound to genre, it's exciting to hear their continuous influx of creative releases, each unveiling a new facet to Indiginis' sound.

If there's one thing to keep in mind, it's the notion that all artists begin as fans. Whether it starts from sharing music through friends or watching an artist play live, eventually inspiration will come full circle. This was exactly the case for Indiginis, who found an opportunity to meet M Machine and connect, eventually leading to them remixing "We Had It All". Regarding the remix, Indiginis states
"Getting the opportunity to remix their music off their debut album was a tremendous honor for us. Personally, it felt full circle going from hanging their signed poster in our studio to sharing music with the guys. This is one of our most energetic remixes where we took their eclectic original track and incorporated a lot of our R&B and Hip-hop influences to give it a fresh spin." The remix is an unorthodox approach, merging a bounciness with retro-inspired synths. The growling bass line is a a deep dive into fresh nu-disco vibes with a subtle N64 twist. Jazzy and quirkily innovative, Indignis' sound is solidified in their wavy remix of "We Had It All".

To get to know the duo a bit better, EARMILK had a brief chat with them to hear what's next in store for Indiginis.

EARMILK: Who are Indiginis? 
Indiginis: We are two Tibetan brothers born across seas and currently reside in Washington D.C. where we fell in love with music. We make music that's predominantly electronic, but is deeply influenced by our love for Hip Hop, R&B, Video Game & Film Scores, and Classical music. We come from unique upbringings and unusual social circumstances which we channel into our music to contribute something special to the scene.
E: What made you guys inspired to make music?
I: When we were young, we watched the classic 1940 animated film "Fantasia" and right then and there our fates were sealed. Music and graphics went hand in hand and became one thing. It was only until we created the Indiginis project that we found a way to explore both at the same time. To this day, we think visually while we work sonically. For every music release, we create and design every graphic and animation on our own. We do all these things to take us back to that day when we first watched a film that changed our lives.
E: Which artists are you listening to the most? Who do you feel is making the most innovative music?
I: Legends like Justice, Nas, Wu Tang, and so many others during the golden era of hip hop in the 90s led us on our paths of making music. We never fell out of love with composers like Chopin, Prokofiev, Ravel, Rachmaninov, and others from the romantic era to early 20th century. We're huge fans of KDrew's music, he's a phenomenal musician and a great friend. The M Machine are always innovating with every release; they never fail to be super stimulating and you can never anticipate what comes next with those guys! We always throw BRLLNT's tracks in our sets. He's a groovy & soulful producer. On Planets is super talented, we're in love with his most recent EP. There's too much good music out there, we could go on forever! 
E: What are you most excited about when it comes to making music and being able to share your talent to the world?
I: We wanted to learn music because we were curious about what makes it so aesthetically pleasing when it's fundamentally just vibrations in the air that somehow could stir emotions, take people to a different place, etc. Music is merely intangible, captured & recorded sound yet can somehow translate across languages and can easily be shared to anyone on the internet. That fascination always excites us when we've completed a song such as our remix of The M Machine's "We Had It All". Just the thought that our audience can be someone within my city or someone across the globe in their bedroom listening is so exciting. We both have very unique backgrounds and with the Indiginis project we found an unusual way to combine our worlds which results in unexpected surprises. So with every song we work on it's more of a journey and process of discovery.
 E: What can we expect from Indiginis in the near future?
I: We have three releases in June alone, a couple of shows lined up and we have so much more music already locked in for next month! We keep expanding our studio so if you're following us on our socials, be ready for loads of gear photos and snaps. We've made so many new friends lately and have created lots of exciting partnerships and collaborations down the road! Thank you to everyone who took the time to listen to our music; we have so much in store for the future!

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