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Adamn Killa's new album "I am Adamn" is all about the producers

"I am Adamn" is the self-titled album of 20-year-old Chicago-native Adamn Killa. His stage name is tatted on his face in cherry red ink, but this isn't the stamp of an average Soundcloud rapper. Although this project is named after himself, the content is just as influenced by the strong list of production credits, featuring veteran producers hailing from a wide variety of genres. The project is 16 tracks long and has no artist features, further emphasizing the importance of the production and of Adamn's voice on the album. 

The track ,"Guap" kicks it off with a hazy beat by Sam Tiba paired with Killa’s drawling vocals. Already it's clear that the album would be less focused on rap and more on melodies. This track sets the feeling for the rest of the album and his tracks with Shlohmo ("Too Late" and "Spin") echo these themes. Ryan Hemsworth shines in "Separate," which has one of the catchiest chorus + beat combo on the album. This fades into "Roseland Baby" prod. by 8tm— another notable track. Ikaz Boi, Brodinski, Dolan Beats, and more are also featured.

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