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Max Vangeli returns with 'Roads EP'

It's an interesting time for progressive house. The once go-to sound for fans of house music has gotten caught in the middle, and slightly forgotten, for its successors future house, g-house and pop crossover. In tandem with this shift of course, we've seen the prevalence of some artists who thrived in the big room progressive house era of the 2010's either fade into darkness (see what I did there?) or update their style to adapt to the changing landscape. But Max Vangeli breaks the mold there, going quiet for a time, but returning with a sound that is truly him and shows his talent the best we've ever seen it. 

After breaking out into fame with partner AN21, Vangeli went a little silent after 2014. But in 2016, the Swedish artist launched his own label, NoFace Records, finding his style in stride. Today, Vangeli has reached the apex of a year and a half of releasing singles, releasing his Roads EP. Filled with subtleties and evoking nature and human nature, Roads is best listened to straight through. While each song stands on its own, this EP feels like a symphony made up of movements. Roads is promising for what Vangeli brings to the dance music scene, following his last release "Save Myself."

Connect with Max Vangeli: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Dance · Progressive House


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