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Alvin Risk drops new shiny track "Last Forever" [Premiere]

It's no question that artist Alvin Risk has a flamboyant electronic sound. His ever evolving style is one that weaves back and forth through varying genres, constantly keeping listeners on their toes. With frenetic soundscapes in his latest EVER EP or his whimsical work "Dreamtime", Alvin Risk has a talent for producing hyperactive tracks, creating sensory experiences for audiences.

Today, EARMILK reveals Alvin Risk's latest single "Last Forever", a journey that explores fleeting moments through sentimental melodies. The track is inspired by Alvin Risk's previous work with Japanese Super GT Goodsmile Racing team, in their "Drive" theme song ft. Hatsune Miku. After having that hooked into his head, he added his own flair to the track with the inclusion of his own vocals. Alvin Risk's vocals add a bittersweet tonality to "Last Forever" and is loaded with a rawness. Sparkling synths and punchy 808's torpedo listeners through a milky way of feels in the work. The track mimics the tickling feeling in your chest and mirrors moments of new found love and adventure. It's the perfect backdrop to your late night Shibuya meanders, through the ironically soothing neon lulls that paint city alleyways. "Last Forever" is beautifully chaotic work by Alvin Risk and captures emotions we could only wish lasted for infinite. 

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