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Cozway takes on quirky approach to Quix's "Riot Call"

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Sometimes there are no words to describe a style and that's when you know an artist is doing something right. Cozway is a fresh new name on my radar and he shares a bizarre sound difficult to pin point. Cozway's sound is robust yet bubbly and takes on the most curious sound compositions. I was particularly stoked to discover the producer represents my homeland in beautiful British Columbia (Victoria, BC specifically). His experimental works have been released via imprints including Jadū Dala and OTODAYO, which seem to favour the weirder more underground side of electronic music (but let's be real, weirder is always better). And somewhere between pixelated industrial blips, alien gurgles and a fat trap beat, Cozway has mastered his unique sound that continues to evolve. His latest remix of Quix's "Riot Call" ft. Nevve incorporates his hollow synths and takes on a hyperactive tempo towards the end. Overall, Cozway's remix of "Riot Call"  is an amusing trip that takes trap to another dimension.

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