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Golf Clap, Eyes Everywhere and Lee Carter join Big Beat Records for its 'Ibiza' compilation [Premiere]

It's that time of year: joining the Amsterdam and Miami go-rounds, record labels are putting their best foot forward on compilations curated for Ibiza season. Among those labels that has the talent pool to draw from at these times is American dance music label Big Beat Records. Known as the home of acts like Galantis and David Guetta, at first glance it might seem like Big Beat has a little more to prove on the White Isle, known for its underground and island vibe legacy. Of course, with one look at the Big Beat Ignition tracklist, we know this isn't the case in reality. Among the artists included on this release are Lefti, Man Without a Clue and two artists we have the jump on today: Golf Clap and Lee Carter.

The first of these first-listens comes from Golf Clap, whose name precedes them, even just in the literal interpretation. Of course, their music isn't the overly appropriate and quiet sound, but that of their hometown Detroit and its signature upbeat house style. The track is in collaboration with Eats Everywhere, and its entitled "Own Myself." With a classic four-on-the-floor start and just as classic house chords, standout, reverberating analog synths are the hard hitting moments alongside a just as groovy vocal sample. "Own Myself" sounds like a weapon in the making ahead of their performance at this year's Movement Festival in Detroit.

The second track we fell in love with on Big Beat Ignition is from a more rising talent. But that status doesn't fool anyone, as Lee Carter's track "Leipzig" is just plain captivating. If you swore of dance music shows or aren't really "in the mood" quite yet, "Leipzig" will take you out of your funk immediately - it certainly slapped some sense into us. We can feel the influence of Carter's hometown of Liverpool's UK tech house scene through the swirling progression on this one, its dark overtones not overshadowing nods to classic Ibiza house sounds.

Big Beat Ignition is out tomorrow, May 19th, via multiple platforms.


1) Lefti – Haiti (Original Mix)
2) Ravyn Lanae vs Man Without a Clue - Free Room (Man Without a Clue Remix) (Original Mix)
3) Eyes Everywhere and Golf Clap - Own Myself (Original Mix)
4) Cache 22 - Cosmic Funk (Original Mix)
5) Luca Debonaire - Here We Go Now (Original Mix)
6) Jude & Frank, Havoc & Lawn – Ojos (Original Mix)
7) Olin Batista - No Good (Original Mix)
8) Vlada Asanin – Shakal (Original Mix)
9) Etienne Ozborne  - Velaa (Original Mix)
10) Cooperated Souls – Freak (Explicit Original Mix)
11) Josh Dean – Violin (Original Mix)
12) GVN - Rock The Disco (Original Mix)
13) A.V.A & Godlov – Tramonto (Original Mix)
14) Lee Carter – Leipzig (Original Mix)
15) Gemellini – Ciano (Original Mix)
16) Capetonian – Llandudno (Original Mix)

Connect with Golf Clap: SoundCloud | Facebook
Connect with Eyes Everywhere: SoundCloud | Facebook
Connect with Lee Carter: SoundCloud | Facebook

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